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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Sightmark Ghost Hunter 1 x 24 Binocular Night Vision Goggle

by Rothco
SKU R-11209

The Ghost Hunter binocular series consist of generation 1-night vision binoculars designed for observation at nighttime. The binoculars can operate both in the passive mode (without infrared (IR) illumination) and in the active mode (with IR illumination). The IR illuminator is recommended for use in low ambient light conditions or total darkness.

  • Handheld and head mountable operation. Integrated IR illuminator. Automatic shutoff when exposed to bright light. Lightweight and compact
  • Field of view: 30 degrees, Field of view: 54 meter @100 meters
  • Ergonomic design and quick power-up. Resolution: 30 lines per mm
  • Lightweight, durable composite construction. Detection Range, Max for an Object Measuring 1.7x0.5 m in Natural Night Conditions 80 / 87 meter/yard. Close Focus Distance 0.9 / 0.3 feet/meter
  • 70-hour operating time w/o IR activated. Battery Life with IR is 20 hours
  • Direct the turned-on unit at an object at a distance of around 30m. Rotating the eyepiece (5), focus on the tube’s screen until it becomes focused. Rotate the objective lens (1) until the image quality is optimal. Refocus the eyepiece, if necessary.
  • Note: When screwing the objective lens into the housing, it focuses on farther objects. When screwing out it focuses on closer objects.

High power built-in infrared illumination

Featuring a high-power infrared illuminator and magnification, the Ghost Hunter Binocular provides a bright, clear image for short-range targets in low-ambient light conditions or total darkness.

Head Mount

The Ghost Hunter 1x24 night vision binocular includes a compact head mount. This allows hands-free operation of the night vision device in partial and complete darkness. The head mount ensures stable positioning of the Ghost Hunter 1x24 in front of the user’s eyes, even while in fast motion (pacing, running, and abrupt movements). The Head Mount is simple and convenient to use. All adjustments on the head mount can be made with one hand, such as the 90º tilt function.

Compact Design

The Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binocular features a lightweight, durable polymer construction, built for endurance.