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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Biohazard Pick Up & Sanitizing Kit - Pack of 3

SKU MD- 10414

Eco>Absorb’s Biohazard Clean-up Kit is designed to aid in safe clean-up and removal of blood and bodily fluids. This kit is packaged in a convenient tear open foil pouch. quipped with a unique disposable scoop bag to aid in pick up and containment of body fluid waste. A crucial product, ideal for hospitals, medical offices, emergency response vehicles, restaurants and schools.

The Eco>Absorb absorbent contained within the kit fully absorbs any spill, leaving no residue behind. Once absorbed, the spill will not leach back into the environment.

Clean-up Kit Contents:
1 Pair of non-latex disposable gloves
1 Biohazard waste bag
1 Bag of Eco>Absorb® biohazardous super absorbent
1 Plastic scraper
4 Antimicrobial wipes
2 Paper towels
1 Certi-Soap Cleanser Towelette 5" x 8"
1 Mask, Nose & Mouth Cover
1 Paper Crepe Towel
2 Zip ties