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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

CELOX™ Hemostatic Gauze Roll, 5' x 3" Roll

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Most instinctive, versatile CELOX™ product, proven most effective for immediate hemostasis. Strip of CELOX™ Gauze may be rolled and used for anterior or posterior nosebleeds.

Powerful CELOX™ Granules are bonded throughout a dense gauze material that quickly packs into bleeding wounds - just cover or pack any bleeding injury and apply pressure. CELOX™ Gauze works in seconds and is especially effective in challenging situations under fire or in wind, rain or poor visibility conditions.

All forms of CELOX™ use the same proven CELOX™ core technology that dependably controls surface and more difficult bleeding, including hypothermic bleeding caused by traumatic injuries. Cover or pack any bleeding or injury and apply pressure.

  • Packed in sterile, ruggedized pouches with tear notches for fast opening
  • Documented success in the field
  • Hemostat of choice for multiple NATO forces
  • Suitable for all bleeding - skin tears, pressure ulcers, injuries, lacerations, grazes, etc.
  • Podiatric procedures
  • Surface and severe wounds
For Dental Bleeding:
  • Use as you would traditional gauze packing
  • Cut, roll and fold to fit area (gums or socket)
  • Gums: Place gauze over the affected area and apply external fingertip pressure
  • Socket: Place gauze packing in the affected socket - apply mild "bite" pressure
  • Remove gauze when bleeding ceases (moisten if needed), does not dislodge clot