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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Clips Bikers Trauma / O2 Pack (Pack of 2)

SKU 1311
Extra Clips Bikers Trauma / O2 Pack
This set of two is used to secure the #1310 Trauma/O2 Pack to the rack. With an extra set of clips, you can leave them on the bike rack when interchanging bags. All Bikers Trauma / O2 Packs come with one set. These are in case you want extras for additional modules
MPN: #1311
Weight. 3 oz.
Made in the USA.
    R&B Pannier Mounting System 

    The R&B Pannier Mounting System
    All R&B Fabrications, Inc. panniers have been designed to simplify and speed their installation and removal. We use 2 inverted J hooks, which hang on the side rails of the rack and an elastic type bungee cord with an “S” hook to secure it to the bottom of the rack. For additional support when carrying heavy loads, we have also provided a detachable strap (#1312) that can be snapped onto the pannier and attached to the bicycle frame. The strap is equipped with a side release buckle for quick mounting and removal. If a #1310 Trauma/O2 Pack is used, it must be removed first.

    We recommend a heavy-duty rack, which mounts in the seat area and attaches to the frame in the axle area. Our line of Bicycle Panniers has been designed by James Bowell of Troy Fire Department in Ohio. His expertise as an instructor and experience in this field has helped us to provide you with the best.