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MRE’s Back In Stock – Next Day Shipping – Limited Supply - Click here for details.

Elite Stealth Tactical Bug-Out Bag-2 Person

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Emergency Zone's Most Advanced Kit - Designed as a Bug Out Bag. Determined to Blend in.

When disaster and panic strike, you may see humanity rise-up to be its best — or its worst. While walking in a crowd of strangers whose minds are gripped by fear and need for survival, the last thing you want to do is advertise that you are carrying a pack of supplies.
  • Discrete: Sometimes, being prepared can be the very thing that gets you in trouble. Desperate times could cause people to take desperate measures. In those difficult moments, the last thing you want to do is to advertise to everyone around you that you are prepared. Unlike traditional backpacks that are often used for emergency kits and bug-out bags, the Stealth Tactical Bag was designed to keep you and your supply safe by allowing you to blend in and not draw attention.
With Emergency Zone's Tactical Stealth Bug Out Bag, the only one who needs to know that you are carrying a complete survival kit is you.

The Backpack:
The Stealth Tactical Backpack was designed specifically for bugging-out in urban (i.e. crowded) settings. The bag comes with plenty of space with its 53L volume. Designed to not look flashy or even tactical, you are more likely to blend in the crowd than you would with a bright red emergency backpack or even a tactical bag. Coupled with features like built-in waterproof covering, hydration bladder, chest & waist straps for easy carrying, and a built-in flint striker buckle; you end up with a backpack that's perfect for bugging-out.

The Supply:
Each item in the kit was carefully selected with things like functionality, weight, space, and cost in mind. Items are organized into sub-kits which are all packed into the backpack. The tent can be attached to the backpack using the side straps or on the bottom of the bag using the MOLLEs.
  • Food & Water: 2 x 3600 kcal Food Bars | 12 x 4.2 oz Water Pouch
  • Hygiene & Sanitation: 2 x Toothbrush | 1 x Toothpaste | 1 x Comb |1 x Razor | 4 x Shampoo | 1 x Soap | 2 x Feminine pad | 1 x Washcloth | 1 x Toilet paper roll | 1 x Sewing kit | 1 x Biohazard Bag | 1 x Biodegradable Toilet Liners (roll of 10)
  • Light and Communication: 1 x Dynamo Radio Flashlight (No Batteries Needed) | 1 x 9 LED Compact Flashlight (AAA Batteries Included) | 2 x Light sticks
  • First Aid & Supplies: 1 x 175 Piece First Aid Kit | 2 x N95 Mask | 1 x Stethoscope
  • Emergency Guide: 1 x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook | 1 x Pencil | 1 x Weatherproof Zip bag
  • Water Purification: 1 x 1L Tritan Bottle (BPA Free) | 2x 1L Folding Water Container | 10x Chlor Floc US Army Water Purification Packets | 1x Hydration Bladder for Backpack | 2x 2L Water Bags
  • Tools & Miscellaneous: 1x Multitool Pliers. | 1x Folding Saw |1x 5-in-1 Whistle. | 1x Duct Tape. |1x Work Gloves. | 1x Playing Cards. | 1x 5mm Rope. | 1x Compass. | 1x GI Can Opener. | 1 x Self Defense Key chain | 1 x Survival Knife |2 x Nylon Bags (Red)
  • Weather Protection: 2 x HeatStore Reflective Sleeping Bag/Bivy Sack | 2 x Heavy Duty Vinyl Poncho |1 x 2 Person Dome Tent | 8 x Hand Warmers

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