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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Lexan 3pcs Utensil Set

SKU EZ-3404

When camping, there are some modern conveniences that you might be missing. Utensils is something easy to overlook, but not something you would want to forget. This Emergency Zone Brand 3pc set is made of Lexan, a LIGHTWEIGHT and HEAVY DUTY, SHATTER PROOF, CRACK-RESISTANT polycarbonate plastic. This utensil set is like the superhero of other plastic utensil sets.

To make things better, we are throwing in a FREE keyring; the perfect addition to help you keep all your utensils together or attach it to your gear. The keyring allows you to attach your collapsible cup to a backpack, or even to our Emergency Zone Brand Collapsible Camping Cup, or one of our other products.


  • Indestructible and Lightweight: I would hate it if I were digging into my scrambled eggs, and my spoon suddenly snapped leaving plastic all over my breakfast. You don’t have that worry with these utensils. The Lexan material makes it so they are LIGHTWEIGHT and nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE.
  • Comfortable and Safe: We want your eating experience to be as nice as possible. This is why we created these utensil sets to be comfortable to hold. The smooth edges will make your hands feel like they are in heaven. Unlike metal utensils, our utensils are less likely to absorb heat. Making you less likely to burn your fingers as you eat.
  • Easy Clean-up: To make your life as easy as possible, we created our utensil set so it is easy to clean. Instead of scrubbing to get your utensils clean, ours will just wipe off the mess.
  • Rust-Resistance: We know how important your utensils are. If it rains, or they get wet, you don’t want the added worry of rust. Let us put your mind at ease. With our Emergency Zone Brand Utensil Set, you don’t have to worry about rust!
  • Technical Specs: Color: Teal/Blue