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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100
Spring Storms

Mother Nature doesn’t rest, and neither should you.

Amidst the Coronavirus concerns don’t forget to prepare for severe weather. Mother Nature doesn’t rest and neither should preparedness planning for your family. 

Manufacturers are working overtime trying to keep up with the increased demand for preparedness products and supplies in response to Covid-19.  NOW is the time to begin preparing for the unexpected as shipping across the industry is delayed for many critical supplies. The spring weather systems bring a variety of weather hazards in which preparedness is key to survival. Below are some things to consider as you plan.

What you should know about Severe Weather

  • Know what to do before, during, and after severe weather.
  • Create a communications plan with your family before severe weather hits.
  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.
  • Listen to local officials.
  • Check your insurance policies to ensure you have enough coverage.
  • Evacuate if advised by local authorities.

Know Your Risk

  • Know #SevereWxPrep
    • Watches mean severe weather is possible.
    • Warnings mean severe conditions have begun or will begin soon.
  • Timely info on weather conditions can make a big difference. Learn about alerts & warnings:
  • Get alerts and warnings for impending weather events with a @NOAA Weather Radio. Learn more:
  • Find out about local alerts and warnings by contacting your local emergency management or visiting their website.
  • Learn what alerts are available in your area, by doing an Internet search w/ your town, city or county name & the word alerts.

More information can be found at

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