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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100
Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100


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Great purchase

Item description perfect. Quick shipping. A+ deal!!

Great bag

Great bag. Loads of stuff inside. Still has room for items you wish to add. Quality product.


Had to figure it out finally...


These are the best med kits around and the price is good too.

Happy with this case

I’m using this for a single full size pistol and 5 extra mags. I hadn’t even planned to purchase this specifically (I was on the site for first aid kits and medical bags) and I happened to stumble upon it. It fit my needs and was about half the price I would expect a case like this to be. It’s not super fancy, it’s simple and easy to use. So far I am very happy with it and it fits securely in my EDC pack tucked away.

Tactical trauma kit

It is great I'm very satisfied it is all I need plus some for a great price

Super cute

Very cute! Unique in today’s world .

Great bag

This kit has pretty much everything. The only thing I wish they had was double of everything. If you are a family of four but somehow you got separated each parent should have all the necessities in the bag. Also a compass and knife & waterproof matches would be a good addition.

Rothco Folding Camp Stool
Anthony DeSiderio

Rothco Folding Camp Stool

Rothco Super Whistle with Compass & Thermometer
Peggy Wagner
Awesome whistle

I love this whistle

G.I. Government 18" Field Machete with Handguard
danny rhodes
Flash back

An excellent machete. It reminded me how we had to hack our way through the jungles when I was in an elite unit from Bragg. When a costumer receive this machete it is not very sharp even though there is an edge on it. I used a mill bastard file to create a sharp edge. Must be careful to keep the pitch on it. Then if you desire a fine edge, use a 200 grit stone. I didn’t use the stone. I would buy it again. Great tool. I use it on our farm.

Rothco straps

The service and shipping from Luminary was excellent. As for the straps, they worked for what I needed them for. I can't give five stars due to the fact that the straps seem to be a little thinner than they were before. I guess this is the direction a lot of products are heading...kinda sad...thanks Brandon!!!


It appears to be a quality complete mass trauma kit.

trauma kit

have ordered several, good set up. this time they did send a blue when i ordered a red

Nice holster for the price. Will definitely fit any large frame auto with room to spare. Excellent service. Recommend

Bought it to replace EDC bag that finally failed

After carrying the same bag for just over 10 years, I began looking for a new bag. The old on was a messenger style tactical bag. It had plenty of room for my carry pistol of the day, sometimes a shoulder rig, S&W 686-6 4in P.C. Pro .357 mag and speed loaders or a dig P320 .45 carry, leather holster and dual mag pouch. My EDC gear, one of many high end knives, bolt action pens and multi tools. Lots of demascus and Ti-mascus. Carrying slot of high end gear, make me want a high end bag that offers lots of space but also a better way to use the space. Lots of pockets to separate and protect certain items. I stopped carrying the old bag for a while. I switched to a management position which came with a nice office so a lot of stuff could stay locked in my heavy 2 drawer fire proof filing cabinet or my desk. Well, I recently lost my wife and suffered a near fatal car wreck that left me in a wheel chair while I’m in recovery. Having a nice bag to carry my stuff and now carry, catheters, medication and other supplies to help me deal with my never ending bowel and bladder control issues. This bag has become my closest companion. With heavy duty fabric, stitching and crazy strong zippers, I hope to carry this bag for a very long time. Hopefully it will outlast with temporary handicaps and help me walk into a new future.

StatPacks G3 ANSI Advanced High Visibility Safety Vest Blue
Great product and company

Excellent design and easy to adjust. Prompt and great shipping and delivery of order. I highly recommend this product and company.

Would rate higher if given more stars. Excellent! Very satisfied with product.



Love it. Missing a few things like quick clot, tourniquet. Like to see that you can stich. Bag really nice arrived quickly. Very good experience. Thank you Luminary

Awesome medical kit

I recently purchased this bag and when it came I was super excited!! It’s full of basic and advanced treatment options for first aid. This bag will come in handy when the crap hits the fan!! Only thing missing is a portable o2 tank! Which luminary should consider adding!

Rothco 18 Inch Canvas Machete Sheath
Sonny Wenger

Rothco 18 Inch Canvas Machete Sheath

The product had all the items I needed and the bag itself is very sturdy and handy.


Light weight for light duty. I do suggest ordering maybe two more keepers. Overall great product

Quality !!!!

Got my order quickly and the customer service was fantastic. It's been a long time since I got quality work and service like this Thank you