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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100
Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100


Based on 252 reviews
Elite STOMP Medical Kit Fully Stocked
Latoya Smith (Saratoga Springs, US)
Great bag

Love my stomp bag! I have wanted one for years! I will be showing it to other preppers!

Elite STOMP Medical Kit Fully Stocked
Matt brown (Fairfax, US)
Stomp pack

Fully stocked. Ready to roll and I have room to add my special features

Israeli Bandage 4″
D Jones (Cambridge Springs, US)

Israeli Bandage 4″

Rothco Everyday Work (EDC) Shoulder Bag
Antoinette Slater (Washington, US)

Rothco Everyday Work (EDC) Shoulder Bag

Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster
Josh Meade (Houston, US)
The Shiggidy

Makes my gun totally invisible and I carry a .45 ACP So that’s hard to do with a full size weapon but it really does an amazing job. Would definitely recommend to family

Folding Stove with 24 Fuel Tablets
Kimberly Lowry (Charlotte, US)

I think it is very unique

Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster
Kevin Christian (Rockwall, US)
Rothco Undercover Shoulder holster

Lots of benefits. Light weight, comfortable, reversible, etc.. The only thing I would change is to make where the holster attaches to the belt a quick release rather than having to take your belt off to get the holster off.

Rothco Everyday Work (EDC) Shoulder Bag
Jamie Ferrier (Crawfordsville, US)
Top quality

I absolutely love it . It’s perfect for me

Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit #3
Phillip Clark (Harrisonburg, US)
Great product!

Very fast shipping and I’m extremely happy with the product itself. I would definitely recommend this bag and products!

My favorite conceal carry holster

I have tried many conceal carry holsters. IWB, OWB and a shoulder harness made with all types of materials that have clips paddles straps and loops. The best one for me is the Rothco ambidextrous belt slide holster for many reasons. It holds my pistol securely against my side at just the right canter. It is quick and easy to draw, conceals very well and is very quiet and comfortable.

Excellent quality and it looks great!

I bought several of these flashlights some years ago! I gave three away as gifts to family an kept two for myself! I keep one in my bookcase bed and the other in my purse! I love them and would not be without them! I may buy another to put beside my recliner!

Rothco Canvas European School Bag
Frank Beaman (Mineral Point, US)

Everything was satisfactory, but it was bigger than I thought it would be. That’s really MY problem, not yours, but listing the measurements and dimensions would be a good addition to your sales materials.


Right off the rip I put these glasses through their paces on a 22 mile ruck when they arrived on Veterans Day.
It rained the whole time and had overcast bright grey skies- but my eyes were protected and comfortable behind these sunglasses.
Within Army regs, and minimal fogging. I love them.

Rothco Fingerless Padded Tactical Gloves
Terry Powell (Houston, US)

Rothco Fingerless Padded Tactical Gloves

Rothco Canvas Small Parachute Cargo Bag
John Dangelo (Denver, US)
Nice Bag

The Bag arrived on time and appears to be in good order.

Rothco Elastic Ankle Holster
LEE LEWIS (Los Angeles, US)
could have been my fault, but it might have been their picture on-line….

Let’s see if the return goes through flawlessly. I wanted an inside cuff for my left leg. This one could be an inside cuff for a left handed person. It won’t work for me……
That being said, the product arrived on-time, so plus for Luminary.


The kit is stocked with everything you could need to support multiple people.

Elite STOMP Medical Kit Fully Stocked
Christopher Cooper (Atlanta, US)
Excellent Kit and Awesome Customer Service!

I had to wait a while for the STOMP medical kit to be back in stock, but the Luminary Global Team (Jeremy) kept me informed of the status the entire time. That is true customer service! I have had a chance to go through the kit and move items to the pouches that are easily accessed. This by far is the best stocked medical kit I have ever seen and I have been an EMT/Firefighter for 30 years. As former military as well, this is the kit I would want to take with me in the field. Thank you again Luminary Global!

Rothco Vintage Weekender Canvas Backpack with Star
Brenda Dickens (Havre de Grace, US)

This is a awesome awesome bag if it was just a little smaller. Bought it for my bestfriend but she loves it no matter what. The minute she recieved it, she immediately took her things out of her Steve Madden backpack and put them in this one. She loves all the extra pockets. If you could consider making all those men's bags a little smaller for women you would be just about perfect. Thank you Luminary 😊

Rothco EMT Medical Trauma Kit
Ivory Johnson (Nashville, US)
Nice kit

Smaller than I expected but it will do what I need

Great Product at a competitive price

I have tried all types of belt holsters for concealed carry for my Sig P228 and the Belly Band Holster has been the best I could ask for, it fit my gun, was comfortable, priced right and was well made.

R&B Inside MOLLE Pouch Clear Front
Hendo1121 (Lawrenceville, US)
Excellent product

Order process, shipping and quick delivery were all outstanding. Product is well made and of good material. The see through front and Velcro back was exactly what I needed. Great company and quick turnaround. Recommend to family and friends, A++ rating.

Rothco Canvas Urban Explorer Bag
Vitoria Belz (Escondido, US)
Nice bag

Fits my laptop in it. convenient & cute

Rothco MOLLE Compatible Concealed Carry Pouch
Kurt Wozniak (Council Bluffs, US)
Can carry

Seems well built. It is a little bigger than I wanted. I wanted it to be almost unnoticeable but it is very noticeable.