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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100


Based on 197 reviews
Quality !!!!

Got my order quickly and the customer service was fantastic. It's been a long time since I got quality work and service like this Thank you

trauma kit

put together well, backback is made well

Looks like a pretty good kit

My daughter is a nurse and said this was a pretty good kit for gunshot wounds. That’s why I bought it. Wanted to start having a med kit on hand whenever I went to shooting range.

Great price for items included

Everything is great only wish it came with quick clot, chest seal and TQ’s.

Rothco Uncle Milty Travel Vest

Everything we get is great.

We do a lot outdoors, and around alot of people. So far everything we have goes together. Thank you so much

Great product

Quality Product. Quality Service.

The product arrived in excellent condition and better than I expected. I was impressed with the timing of the shipping and delivery process as well.

I like it. It is everything that was displayed.

Received it in a timely manner. Everything I received is what I felt was advertised.

Just what I was looking for...almost

Great IFAK, has everything you might need. It will be further packed with more gauze and blood control. There is a tourniquet, but I'm adding another that I'm more familiar with. Overall, a great improvement over my current setup.

How do you wear them?

2 Person Dome Tent
Andrew Walters
Love It

For the price you can't beat it. It's very easy to put up and take down and lightweight. I don't know how water resistant it is but it seems overall pretty sturdy. I was able to easily attach it to my camping/hiking/bugout bag.

A few tips

The carry bag (backpack) seems to be sturdy and well utilized for compartmentalization. As most packages within the bag are vacuum sealed in plastic or in some plastic container, I would suggest a upgrade in the ability to open those packages. In the heat of the moment, a person utilizing the contents may have different material on there hands (gloved or not gloved). Most liquids would cause the packaging to be difficult to open. This would be extremely difficult if the person had a slippery substance (such a oil) contaminating the environment. Therefore, my suggestion would be to add a high-friction tape to the areas where a person would tear open the packaging.

Great bag! Good value.

Like this bag. Good start. Add a few extras and you can take care of just about anything.

Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit

Rothco Canvas Daypack
Kristian Banovic

Awesome quality and perfect size. Highly recommended. Great purchase. Thanks guys!!!

medical bag

As a Navy corpsman with the Marines Icarried one like this in our HMMV.Very well supplied but I would add CAT tourniquets and hemostatic guaze.You can never have enough of either of these in a hemorraghe situation.Bloodstoppers get used up very quickly.

Make sure you get all the ' hidden pieces ' also !

I get a lot of things thrown at me to see ' what do you think of this '... and my girlfriend did this one to me knowing she is also disabled and needs all the help she can get up there in Ohio while I'm stuck in the Sunshine State on the Space Coast and am disabled myself ( got smashed by a Ford F150, hitting me from the left side ( GOD lifted my leg in that instant so I would keep it and would not die ! ) and going over the motorcycle and my body destroyed that grill.. drove it and the radiator into the fan and drove the driver side fender into his tire ) and I really liked the harness but seen it really needed a large cushioned belt to help you also... so I ordered them both so I could try it and then she would make up her mind... BUT I apparently missed the little item for that big cushioned belt was it needed a large service belt THRU THE MIDDLE OF IT to connect both systems together... she sent me a picture of a holster that fit the service belt thru an access path that really looked like an upside down pocket if you never knew the holster assembly went thru that odd looking hole that looked like a pocket... so I ordered BOTH the belt and the holster to make a decent set.
Whew ! .. long winded thing, isn't it.
I should have the rest of the set so I can try out the system and really know sometime next week.

Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit #3

Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit #3

Well Equipped and Comfortable Pack

Great pack with anything needed for camping or a week remote on a lake.
Only wish was better organization within the pack in lieu of the plastic bags.
Excited to organize and throw in my gear bin.

Great product

A wesome bag well made and very durable and spacious

It really amazing

Great bag

Amazing product great customer service

Great first responder bag / kit

Very impressed with the quality of the bag, contents, and completeness. Really packed all the essentials in a compact package. Also, glad to be able to support a female vet business