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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit Fully Stocked

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Color: Olive Drab

The STOMP Medical Kit has a wide variety of contents and is used by professionals including medics and army personnel. Made by Elite First Aid, it is packed when you order with over 500 items and is used by professionals including medics and military personnel. It is used for both basic first aid or trauma and is available in five colors, Black, Red, Coyote Tan, OD, and ACU. Weight: 20 lbs. Dimensions: 19 × 14 × 10 in

This pack isn’t just for professionals, it’s great for large families or groups. The bag is conveniently organized with several Velcro and zippered compartments for easy access to hundreds of items inside. Each section of the STOMP bag opens flat to allow quick and easy access to your instruments and supplies. There are also two interior sections that give you 4 surface areas with multiple Velcro, as well as mesh and zippered compartments that are placed and organized so that everything is within a quick and easy reach.

Constructed using durable, Nylon materials, this bag is rugged and up for the challenge. With a heavy-duty exterior, it can certainly take a beating and hold up, trip after trip. It is complete with strong grab handles on the top and side, compression straps on the side, support foam on the back, adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt, and heavy-duty YKK zippers.

With a full panel of M.O.L.L.E webbing, you can add pouches such as quick access to trauma or water. The inside sports an opening for a hydration bladder and the front contains Velcro for holding ID or patches. Contents may vary

What's Inside


CPR Shields (2)
Oral Airways (4)
Ammonia Inhalants (20)


Israeli 4″ Trauma Dressings (2)
Israeli 6″ Trauma Dressings (2)
Multi-Trauma Dressings (2)
QuickClot 25g (3)
Latex Tourniquet (1)
BleedStop Bandages (4)
2″x 2″ Gauze Pads (10)
4″x4″ Sterile Gauze (5)
Conforming Gauze 4″x 4.1 yds. (2)
Blood Clotting Spray (1)
5″x 9″ Abdominal Pads (10)
Eye Pads (5)
Knuckle Bandages (20)
Butterfly Closure Strips (20)
1″ Tape (3)
Bandage Strips 1″x 3″ (100)


Burn Spray (1)
Burn Gel (5)


Curved Hemostats (2)
Suture Sets (5)
Scalpel Blades (6)
Straight Hemostats (2)
Stainless Steel Tweezers (1)
Stethoscope (1)
Blood Pressure Kit (1)
EMT Shears (2)
LED Pen Light (1)
Safety Pins (6)
Emergency Blankets-Silver/OD (2)
Skin Probe (1)
Pair Black Nitrile Gloves (5)
Scalpel Handle #3 (1)
First Aid Guide (1)
Tongue Depressors (5)


Cervical Collar (1)
Universal/Sam Splints (2)
Instant Ice Packs (3)
6″ Elastic Bandages (3)
Triangular Bandages (3)
2″ Elastic Bandages (6)


BZK Antiseptic Wipes (26)
Eye/Skin Wash (2)
Triple Antibiotics (20)
Iodine Wipes (100)
Hand Cleanser 2oz. (1)
Calamine Lotion 6oz. (1)
Lip Balm (2)
Alcohol Wipes (20)
Sting & Bite Wipes (9)
Instant Glucose (1)
Pain Relievers (40)

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
James Locklear
Awesome medical kit

I recently purchased this bag and when it came I was super excited!! It’s full of basic and advanced treatment options for first aid. This bag will come in handy when the crap hits the fan!! Only thing missing is a portable o2 tank! Which luminary should consider adding!

Alexander Thompson

The product had all the items I needed and the bag itself is very sturdy and handy.

Christopher Jackson
Quality Product. Quality Service.

The product arrived in excellent condition and better than I expected. I was impressed with the timing of the shipping and delivery process as well.

Donald Chapman
A few tips

The carry bag (backpack) seems to be sturdy and well utilized for compartmentalization. As most packages within the bag are vacuum sealed in plastic or in some plastic container, I would suggest a upgrade in the ability to open those packages. In the heat of the moment, a person utilizing the contents may have different material on there hands (gloved or not gloved). Most liquids would cause the packaging to be difficult to open. This would be extremely difficult if the person had a slippery substance (such a oil) contaminating the environment. Therefore, my suggestion would be to add a high-friction tape to the areas where a person would tear open the packaging.

Pablo Suarez
Great bag! Good value.

Like this bag. Good start. Add a few extras and you can take care of just about anything.