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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Emergency School Student Survival Kit - 2 Person

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Unfortunately, it happens, classrooms are forced into lockdown mode. for safety, students may need to remain in the classroom for prolonged periods. Advanced preparation with food, water and other emergency supplies is a must. When the disaster hits, the time for preparation is over.

  • Water: When it comes to survival water is absolutely vital. In a disaster access to clean water will likely be limited. The water pouches included are USA made, US Coast Guard approved, and have a 5-year shelf life from manufacture date.
  • Food: The SOS Food Ration Millennium Bars have a 5-year shelf life from manufacture date, and are US Coast Guard approved.
  • Emergency Reflective Blanket: The 52"x84" solar reflective blanket is created out of the same material as common Mylar. The reflective nature will help you retain high amounts of your radiant body heat, and it only weighs 1.8 oz.
  • Light: Power outages can occur during emergencies. The light stick will provide up to 8 hours of light.
  • Sanitation: During emergency situations sanitation can be the last thing someone might think of, but it can help you feel more comfortable, which is why 6 wet naps are included to help with those sticky messy situations.

Each kit is intended to be shared between two students and contains 1 Small Nylon Bag, 2 Lightsticks, 2 Reflective Blankets, 4 400 Calorie Millennium Bars, 4 Water Pouches, 1 Tissue (10 pack), 6 Wet naps, 1 Signal Whistle