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FlameCore Fuel Cell with Mess Kit

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A powerful cook stove and fuel suited especially for cooking your food storage during and emergency and for helping you enjoy a hot meal while camping, hiking, or backpacking. Our upgraded FlameCore Refillable Fuel Cell Set that includes not only the efficient and economical FlameCore fuel cell but also a compact and easy to store mess kit. Perfect for emergencies, camping, hiking, and more!

What is FlameCore?
Our customers spoke, and we listened; you wanted longer cook time, with a higher heat output, at a better price and FlameCore is our answer. The FlameCore Fuel Cell is a unique reusable and refillable outdoor cooking system that has been designed to maximize heat and cost efficiency. The fuel cell is re-imagined with variable wick setup that allows for a significant increase in heat output and burn time, our tests prove the FlameCore Fuel Cell reduces cooking time by up to 75% of that of traditional fuel cans, boiling 2 cups of water in as little as 4 minutes. The FlameCore system is also superior in its value, while a typical fuel can would simply run out of fuel and become unusable the FlameCore Fuel Cell comes with a removable lid that allows you to refill with fuel and replace wicks as many times as needed. 

Why FlameCore?
FlameCore's innovative and original design offers the most to be found in any fuel system. Portable and compact, the FlameCore set is perfect for a variety of settings and heats food in a fraction of the time compared to the competition. When building up emergency fuel stores rather than crowding your storage space with stacks of traditional fuel cans, replace them with a single FlameCore Fuel cell and a few jugs of our FlameCore Fuel Refills. One-gallon fuel refill replaces 18 cans of typical fuel cells, saving you space and money! We use a clean-burning, odorless fuel that is also safe for indoor use* and shelf stable for 20+ years. 

Key Features

  • 2 hours cooking time per 20 oz of fuel
  • High heat output, boils 2 cups of water in as little as 4 minutes
  • Non-toxic fuel, safe for indoor* and outdoor use
  • Shelf life of 20+ years
  • Light weight and easy to store

How to Use

  • Remove aluminum fuel canister from plastic storage container.
  • Remove wick disk and fill fuel canister with included pre-filled fuel canteen.
  • Replace wick disk and light.
  • When finished, use snuffer plate to extinguish. Once cool place back in plastic storage container, ensuring lid is sealed tight to prevent leakage.
  • Refill Fuel canteen with FlameCore Fuel as needed.

Included in this set:

  • Flamecore 6-wick Fuel Cell
  • Fuel Canteen with 20 oz of fuel
  • Sealable Container
  • Snuffer Plate
  • 2x Extra Disks with Wicks
  • Heavy-Duty Stove
  • Cooking Pot with Lid
  • Drawstring Carrying Pouch

*Use in well-ventilated area on heat resistant surface. Do not use near flammable objects.