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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Emergency Zone 4 Person Family Prep Survival Kit Go-Bag 72 Hour

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SKU EZ-861-4

Remember that time you forgot your wallet? Remember that time you didn’t have your keys? Everyone knows that feeling of being unprepared. The scary thing is that disaster can strike anywhere and anytime. Don’t be caught asking yourself ‘what more could I have done’.

  • Protect Yourself and Your Family- A multi-purpose 72-hour survival kit designed to prepare you and your family for any emergency event or disaster, whether you are bugging out to a shelter or staying indoors. This 72-hour emergency kit will prepare you for a hurricane, earthquake, flood, civil unrest, pandemic, wildfire, winter storm, evacuation, and more. Disasters are unpredictable, prepare today, and have peace of mind in knowing you’ve done all you can to protect the ones you love.
  • Discrete Red Backpack- All the survival supplies are conveniently packed in a 19"x15"x10" discrete, nondescript, heavy-duty backpack that won’t draw unwanted attention to you and your valuable emergency supplies during a disaster. We pack our emergency survival kits to be as lightweight and as compact as possible, so it won’t weigh you down and you’ll still have enough space remaining to include personal items such as medication, clothing, child comfort items, pet items, and important documents.
  • Food & Water- During an emergency, water is vital and access may be limited, skip the trouble of boiling water, or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze-dried meals. The USA made SOS brand food rations and water included in this emergency survival kit are US Coast Guard approved, has a 5-year shelf life, space-efficient, great-tasting, and calorie-dense, the food ration bars require no extra water to rehydrate, no reheating, and were developed to be non-thirst inducing.
  • Emergency Guidebook- Not only does this emergency go bag has the survival tools and emergency gear you need to survive in a disaster, but also included is our Emergency Preparedness Guidebook that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to as well. In it, you will find crucial survival information from how to create an emergency plan, to administering life-saving first aid, to what to do during an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, storms, civil unrest, and more.

What's Inside?


2x Discrete Red Backpack
1x Weatherproof Poly Bag

Food & Water

4x 3600 kcal Food Rations
24x 4.2 oz Water Pouch
1x Folding 1L Water Container
5x Chlor-Floc Water Purification Pouches
1x Instruction Page

Light & Communication

1x Flashlight
1x AM/FM Weatherband Radio
4x Light Sticks

Hygiene & Sanitation

4x Toothbrush
2x Toothpaste
1x Comb
1x Razor
1x Shaving Cream
8x Shampoo
1x Soap Bar
4x Feminine Pad
1x Washcloth
1x Toilet Paper Roll
1x Sewing Kit

First Aid

1x 118 pc First Aid Kit

Weather Protection

4x Reflective Sleeping Bag
4x Emergency Poncho
2x Tube Tent
4x Hand Warmers

Survival Gear

1x 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
1x 5mm x 50' Rope
1x Duct Tape
1x Work Gloves
1x Multitool
1x Playing Cards
1x GI Can Opener
1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
1x Pencil

Technical Specs

SKU: 861-4
UPC: 850253006201
Weight: 26 lbs.
Backpack Dimensions: 19.5"x10"x15"