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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Basic Power Outage Emergency Kit

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SKU EZ-8401

With the Basic Power Outage Emergency Kit, you will be prepared for natural and man-made disasters like hurricanes, the power grid failure, damaged power lines, construction, flooding, and winter storms.

During a power outage, it may be hard to find the necessary light and communication sources, but with this emergency kit, it will give access to 6 items to provide light, all stored in a single durable nylon pouch.

  • POCKET CREE MINI LED FLASHLIGHT: is equipped with 3 lighting modes (bright, dim, and strobe/SOS), allows you to focus the beam of light for a more direct light source, and has an attached clip.
  • COLLAPSIBLE LED LANTERN: can be set on nearly any surface or it can be hung. Simply pull the top of the lantern to expose the ultrabright LED light powered by 3 AA batteries.


  • 1x Durable Nylon Pouch
  • 2x Light Sticks
  • 2x Pocket CREE Mini LED Flashlight
  • 1x Collapsible LED Lantern
  • 1x Box of Waterproof Matches