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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Children's Compact Disaster Survival Kit

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SKU EZ-2401

Remember when your child lost their favorite toy? Remember when you forgot the diaper bag? Every parent knows the feeling when they find themselves unprepared. When a disaster strikes, don’t be asking yourself “what more could I have done”.


  • Children typically don’t cope well with the discomforts of being hungry. There is FOOD and WATER provided in this kit to help decrease those discomforts.
  • Parents like you created this mini lightweight survival kit, they know children’s limitations, so this kit only weighs 3 lbs. All the items are contained in a 9”x8”x2” nylon bag, making it compact and easy to toss into your child’s backpack or add to your own.
  • This kit is a great add-on to one of your existing survival kits. It will provide extra basic necessities specifically for children to help provide the comfort and security they will need during the scary time of an emergency.
  • You know your child best, and because of this, you may want to build your own kit. This survival kit covers the essentials, and then you can add on additional items to gear it towards your child.
  • Many families have more than one child, but you might not want several kits. This is a great option to have supplies for all your children without having to buy an entire additional kit for each one.

Contents Include

  • Food & Water - (1x) Children’s Water Bottle - (1x) 2400 Calorie Food Bar - (2x) Millennium Food Bars - (6x) 4.2oz Water Pouches
  • Weather Protection - (1x) HeatStore Reflective Blanket - (1x) Emergency Reflective Blanket - (1x) Children’s Green Poncho - (3x) Hand Warmers
  • Hygiene - (1x) Toothbrush - (1x) Toothpaste - (1x) Comb - (1x) Shampoo - (1x) Soap Bar - (1x) Washcloth - (6x) Wet Naps
  • Comfort Items - (2x) Activity Pads - (1x) Note Paper - (1x) Pencil - (1x) Stuffed Bear - (1x) Box of Crayons
  • Tools - (1x) Light Stick - (1x) Rubber Flashlight with AA Batteries - (1x) Signal Whistle - (1x) Informational Insert - (1x) Kid Friendly Compact Backpack - (1x) Small Nylon Bag
  • First Aid - (1x) Children’s Bandaids

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