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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

Four 4L Water Pouches with 20 Aquatabs (2 strips of 10)

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Water storage can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. With your Emergency Zone 4 Liter Ultralight Water Pouch you will be able to carry water with you when you need to bug out. This water pouch has a convenient handle and it is free-standing. There is a cap that unscrews so you can reuse your water pouch multiple times. It is made from durable BPA-Free Food Grade plastic. When the water pouch isn’t filled, it folds down flat for easy storage.

Includes: 4x 4-liter water pouch and 2x aquatab strips (10 tabs on each strip)


  • 4 LITERS / 1 GALLON: FEMA recommends that each person should have a gallon of water per day for sanitation and drinking. To help you easily store the recommended amount, each water pouch holds a little over 1 gallon of water.
  • Grab-N-Go BPA-FREE POUCH: When storing water you want to ensure you are using a container that won’t leach chemicals into your water source. This water pouch is BPA-Free and created with food-grade material. When the Emergency Zone 4 Liter Ultralight Water Pouch is filled with water it will stand on its own, or when it is empty it will lay flat for compact storage. It even has a handle for you to quickly grab it and go.
  • REUSABLE: Unlike other water containers, the Emergency Zone 4 Liter Ultralight Water Pouch has a large 1 3/8 inch screw-on cap allowing you to easily fill and pour water from you pouch. The durable build and leak-proof cap allow for this pouch to be reused multiple times on multiple occasions.
  • UNIVERSAL: We wanted to provide you with a convenient option to store water anywhere you may be. This ultralight pouch is great for an emergency kit, school, office, boat, food storage, BBQ, camping trip, outdoor events, picnic, or even a road trip. This container can store a variety of liquids like juice, milk, lemonade, or alcohol. It can also be used to store small grains like rice or even oats!
  • WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS: As an added option, we are offering the Emergency Zone 4 Liter Ultralight Water Pouch with Aquatabs Water Treatment Tablets. 1 strip of Aquatabs has enough tablets to treat up to 10 liters of water for bacteria, viruses, and cysts.