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StatPacks G3 Clinician EMT Jump Bag Bundle

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The G3 Clinician EMT Jump Bag Bundle is a complete system for Emergency Medical Service Professionals.
Designed as a quick first in EMT Jump bag for Medics who only need the basic Airway, Breathing, and Circulation supplies. Specifically designed to hold StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Kits

The bundle includes the following StatPacks® Items:
  1. G3 Clinician Bag
  2. QuickRoll Intubation Kit
  3. First Aid Remedy Kit
  4. Circulatory Kit

Note: Bag and Cells only, contents are available separately.

QuickRoll Intubation Kit

G3 First Aid QuickRoll Intubation Kit, StatPacks
The Generation 3 First Aid QuickRoll intubation kit is a lightweight, compact, minimalistic approach to carrying airway equipment.

This module is designed to organize basic and advanced airway equipment for EMT intubation or basic airway adjunct procedure(s). The singe-buckle closure allows fast, one handed access. The fact it rolls up makes it very quick to access and stow. This is a perfect accessory intubation kit for any StatPacks® main packs.

First Aid Remedy Kit

G3 First Aid Remedy Kit, StatPacks
The G3 First Aid Remedy Kit is compact and organized. This EMS drug bag brings all your meds together while offering a quick way for central supply or pharmacies to re-stock.

Lockable kiss-zippers help you keep track of used modules. Save time by checking in used modules for restocked sealed ones. This is a perfect accessory EMS drug bag for any StatPacks® main packs.

First Aid Circulatory Kit

G3 First Aid Circulatory Kit, StatPacks – IV Kit
For an EMS IV Kit, this foam lined, roll style design helps keep IV therapies organized and at your fingertips. Drip sets, IV bag(s), catheters, needles and Start Kits™ are neatly arranged for fast access. It doubles as a pressure bag for rapid fluid infusion. Holds everything you need for a quick IV setup in one convenient module. The IV Module makes it easy to share on multi victim accident scenes. This is a perfect accessory EMS IV Kit for any StatPacks® main packs.