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Veteran-Owned & Operated – Free Shipping on Orders over $100

R&B The R.A.T. Rapid Air Transport O2 Bag

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THE R.A.T. (Rapid Air Transport)
With a trapped rescuer in need of air, the R.A.T. Bag will help provide an emergency air cylinder to the trapped rescuer. Constructed of 22 oz. vinyl coated nylon and virtually indestructible Tuff Bottom, the bag can be dragged or carried to the trapped rescuer. A carabineer is available for attachment.

The Air cylinder is held in place with 3 quick-release web straps and can accommodate all sizes of cylinders. Ample room for rope, supply storage, and an additional pocket on the top for equipment storage make this bag versatile and easier to handle than an R.I.T. Bag.

  • MPN: #888RD
  • Measures 21” long, 9” wide and 10” high.
  • Tool pocket is 7” wide x 20” long.
  • Weight. 28 oz.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Contents not included.

                What Is a TUFF BOTTOM?
                A Tuff Bottom is a heated, compressed and molded sheet of high-density cross-link polyethylene foam - you might also know it as the stuff they make your shoe soles out of.

                1. One-piece molded high-density construction
                2. Super durable and resistant to wear
                3. Resistant to Petrochemicals and UV rays
                4. Will not absorb liquids
                5. Temperature range of -60°f to 175°f

                How do you test a TUFF BOTTOM?
                We started this process by contacting several testing laboratories and found that the cost to test was pretty outrageous and the terms used to describe the testing process was like reading a foreign language.

                So after being discouraged with my initial test research, I got a brilliant idea. I figured there is nothing better than a real-world test to prove whether or not these new Tuff Bottoms could hold up in the field. What did I have in mind for a “real world test”? The first step was to fill the bag with 20 pounds of stone. Then I took a tow strap and attached the bag to the back of my H1 Hummer. So away I went; dragging the bag down the road behind me. I decided I better cover all the bases, so I made sure to drag the bag over asphalt, concrete, and even gravel roads. Oh, these weren’t freshly paved roads, but rather your typical Ohio back roads that are filled with potholes, cracks, and fresh tar. I started off at about 20 miles per hour. To my amazement, the bag just kept sliding right along behind me. After about 10 miles of abuse, I got bored and decided to give the new Tuff Bottom the “real world test stamp of approval.” The bottom line is the R&B Tuff Bottom is truly rugged. It’s designed to take a beating and ask for more. So, next time you are looking for the most durable bag you can get your hands on, look for an R&B Tuff Bottom Bag! You won’t be disappointed with your decision.